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MZP Building

The vision of Clayton County Public Schools is to prepare ALL graduates to have skills to pursue and successfully accomplish college, post-secondary training, and/or career opportunities in order to live and compete successfully in a global society.

The mission of Clayton County Public Schools is to empower scholars to achieve academic, professional, and personal  goals by providing equitable access and experience that build skills in literacy, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.


I am important.  I will respect myself, others, and our school.  I will make positive choices about my behavior and language. I will come to school prepared and ready to learn.  I will strive for excellence every day.  I am the one that will make my dreams come true.  Mt. Zion Primary is a place of excellence, where failure is not an option.  I will succeed.


Clayton County Public Schools’ graduates will be able to...

• read proficiently and critically in order to use knowledge to solve problems;
• effectively communicate when writing and speaking;
• demonstrate noble character as an engaged, well-rounded citizen;
• exude self-awareness, self-management, and self-confidence;
• leverage technology efficiently and creatively;
• lead, collaborate, and contribute to a team and community;
• manifest passions into realities; and
• exhibit cultural awareness and responsiveness and international competitiveness in order to adapt and keep pace with an ever-evolving world.

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